Photography and the Search for Meaning – An Extended Workshop

One of the most satisfying experiences in my life so far has been the privilege of sharing the thing that I love and that has sustained me for my whole life, photography. Teaching has been a two way experience for me as I found that as I shared my knowledge and experience, my students also gave back to me.  The joy of knowing that I have helped others to achieve their dream has been no less than incredible.

Six years ago, I was given the opportunity to live on Gabriola Island, a jewel in the chain of islands that is 20 minutes from Nanaimo BC.  During my stay here I have had a lot of time to think and explore and I have come to realize that photography has been central to my philosophy.  It gives me a way to relate with the world.  

I find meaning by making pictures.  What’s more, I now understand why and how it works.  So I want to share that with others because that is what I am all about.  I believe this is the best thing I have ever done.

There is a wonderful retreat here on Gabriola.  It is called The Haven and it is dedicated to transformative experiences.  I approached them, offered this workshop, and they have agreed to host it for us.

Let me stress that this is not a technical workshop.  I don’t care what kind of equipment you use. This workshop is about seeing, exploring, investigating and discovering what you are all about.   If you have questions about the workshop and are interested in attending, please do not hesitate to  Contact  Me or The Haven.  

I hope to see you there.

Best wishes,