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Photography and the Search for Meaning – An Extended Workshop

Phase 1 – March 1 – 3, 2019

Come join us to explore the notion that photography presents a gateway to meaning. For many of us meaning can be found in religion, vocation or in friends and family.   But for others, the search for meaning is more elusive, philosophical.   Some find refining a craft, creating a work of art, writing a good story is sufficient to satisfy this need but how does this work for photographers?   We all question at times and we all want to express our vision.

The act of making a photograph is one of assigning significance. There is always a reason behind our pictures. We question, remark on what we see, juxtapose objects, celebrate the wonder, and express ideas.   As photographers we use a language that is universal, that has its own syntax. Photographs prove our existence, they not only provide context for our stories, they provide a powerful platform to express our individual viewpoint.

During this workshop you will be offered informed critiques and a basis to extend the depth of your work. You will walk away with renewed confidence and an unshakable focus. You might even solve the question, why am I here?

Our focus will be to use our photography to create a visual essay. You will be offered the opportunity to create a series of photographs that express your own unique view on a topic that has import. You will be guided and supported through this process by the community that we will become. We will help you discover the threads that already exist in your work, help you to refine and extend them into a body of work that expresses your ideas and observations in an integrated visual essay.

Duration:  Phase 1 – Friday March 1 to 3 then Phase 2 in an online forum over a 10 week period, finally Phase 3 will be 1 day at a location to be decided by the group during Phase 1.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants. It is highly interactive.  You will need to do some preparation and will be contacted prior to the first session so you know what to bring.

You may use whatever equipment you are comfortable with, film or digital, your images and their content are what is important.

Phase 1 Location:  The Haven A Centre for Transformative Learning on beautiful Gabriola Island.

Phase 3 Location:  To be determined.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants.  Registration is limited.  To Register Click Here

Questions?  Contact me by email here.   I check my email twice a day and will be happy to respond.



Photography as Visual Language

January to April  2019 at Uvic

Photography is a form of visual communication. Over a ten week period we will look at and explore the process and construct of visual messaging in photography and other visual art forms. Our intention will be to develop and understand the basic requirements of content and form in creating images with impact and depth.

We will attempt to integrate the academic as well as practical viewpoints, always working to understand the works of the great photographers within the context of visual language. To do this we will compare visual language to other expressions looking not only for the similarities but also the differences that afford visual expression its power.

We will also look into models of communication and comprehension and attempt to apply them to the work that we create in response to assignments.

Duration:  25 hours over 10 weeks.

Starts:  January 28, 2019

This course is limited to 16 participants


Vision, Style and Authenticity


A Workshop Disguised as a Course

This is not a course; it is a participatory workshop. You will need to make lots of pictures and be prepared to present them to the group on a regular basis.

Our objective will be to help you find your visual signature, to develop a style for working and to do work that is authentic to you.

It’s a tall order and not something to be attempted lightly but that is exactly what we will do. We will work from the positives. We will look for the things that we do well, that say the things that we need to say and we will reinforce each other in the process. We will work from prints that we can see in groupings and our responses will always be constructive . We will take advantage of the fact that we will be sitting in a room with 12 other visual people who will be committed to help each other in our growth.

This workshop is in five sections

The first section is an overview of the program where we will examine the process that we are about to engage in, our objectives and the methods we will use to achieve the results we are looking for. You will be challenged to define a project that you will be prepared to commit to at the end of the second section. We should be able to cover this on the first night.

The second section is the review section where each person is asked to present as many as 12 prints that represent work that they have done to date.  As we look at each person’s work we will be looking for the threads that tie the work together, the clues to help define your visual signature and style. Each presentation will be ½ hour in duration and every participant will be asked to make constructive notes on the things they see in the work. Those notes will be given to the presenter to take home and consider.

In the third section, each participant is asked to define a project that they plan to pursue through the following weeks. The objective will be to create a tight body of work that demonstrates style, integrity and authenticity.

In the remaining weeks you will be asked to bring in samples of the work you are doing to share with the group as your project progresses. This will involve extensive group critiques and ongoing problem solving. This is the fourth section and it will last for 5 sessions.

Finally, at the last class you will be asked to bring a group of 10 prints that represent the body of work that you have created using the disciplines you have developed to share your success with the community that we will have become. I promise a very satisfying evening for all involved where we celebrate the successes of everyone in the group.

Duration:  30 hours over 10 weeks.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants.


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