The MacMaine Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your portrait sessions take place?

My portrait sessions can be held in studio, at your home or at a location of your choice. My studio is in Colwood and has lots of parking.  Victoria is a beautiful city with a lot of wonderful locations available to us, however, often the location can contribute greatly to the portrait and I will be very pleased to consider other sites such as industrial sites, workspaces, whatever interests you may want to include.   I am also willing to work with animals and have done portraits of individuals with dogs, cats and horses.

What do you take photographs of?

I specialize in portrait photography. My sessions involve individuals, families, couples, boudoir, commercial and promotional material.  

I am particularly interested in personal integrity and wisdom.  My sessions are based on conversation.  I put the camera on the tripod most times so that we can talk unimpeded by the camera.  Personal history, anecdotes, memories and ideas are significant in these talks.  I do not allocate a specific length of time for a session as I find it important to allow things to develop naturally.   It is not unusual for my clients to forget that we are taking pictures as we talk.

Do you photograph events and weddings?

I have photographed many events in my career including over 200 weddings.

Do you assist with posing?

I often suggest a starting point and will incorporate adjustments as a part of the conversation.  An essential part of a true portrait is body language and I want that to develop naturally as we talk.

I want an outdoor location shoot, but what if the weather is bad?

We can always re-schedule, alternatively I know of several under-cover locations or we can shoot in the studio, which ever works best for you.

What should I wear to my portrait session?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in!  It really comes down to how you want to be remembered.  Some clients wear their old uniforms, some wear outdoor clothes to indicate the way the prefer to be seen.  I would however, suggest  that you avoid logos or patterns.  Simple colours work best.

How much will it cost?

My fees start at $195 for a simple portrait.  This includes a gallery of images to choose from and a final 8 1/2 by 11 inch print in Colour or Black and White.  Location fees vary depending on distance and complexity.