When you were a kid, did you ever lay on your back, on the side of a hill, and look up at the sky? There is beauty, wonder, even magic in those moments. This is what photography is like for me. This is where my pictures are made. They come from that feeling.
It doesn’t matter where that happens, it can be anywhere. It’s not about parks, beaches, lakesides or mountains. It is about connecting with that energy. I believe it is love. I think we all know that feeling.

Step closer, these prints invite you to enter the magic.

Each is a museum quality, archival Giclee print, made on Epson Hot Press Bright Rag Paper. All prints are signed by the artist and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.  Each print is shipped unframed as framing choices are myriad and add substantially to the cost of shipping. I will be happy to offer advice on framing styles and resources for the print you choose.